To Mexico We Go

Three weeks to go before we jet off to Mexico! I’ll be blogging this vacation, for the first time ever.  Usually I keep written journals, but this way everyone can keep up with us!

Our Itinerary

September 5 – September 19, 2015

We’ll spend the first 5 days in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende.  Colonial architecture and amazing food.

Then it’s a long day of bus rides into the jungle town of Xilitla.

And I mean long.  1.5 hours to the city of Queretaro and then a 5.5 hour bus ride through the mountains.   I’ve heard it’s 4 hours of switch backs.  But it’ll all be worth it to finally arrive in the town of Xilitla.

It’s not well known inside or outside of Mexico.   The main reason to visit – the magical gardens of Edward James, Las Pozas.  A garden that will never die.   Concrete surrealist sculptures as big as houses.

After a very brief 2 night stay, it’s back to Queretaro for the night.

And then our final stop, Guanajuato, where we’ll spend our last 5 days.  We’ll be there during Independence Day, and lucky us, Guanajuato is in the “Cradle of Independence”, where the fight against Spanish rule began.San_Miguel_de_Allende_sky