Christmas Day in San Agustinillo

IMG_0396.jpgOnce we decided that we’d spend our week off during christmas in Mexico, we had to decide where to go outside of Huatulco.  I think I emailed every single hotel between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido desperately trying to find vacancy with less than 2 weeks to go before we landed.

And that’s how we ended up in San Agustinillo, solely based on our ability to find vacancy.  I’ve never traveled like this before and I was pretty nervous, but it worked out perfectly.

San Agustinillo is a little fishing town on the coast Oaxacan coast between Hualtulco and PE.  If you like surfing this is the area for you.  The waves are intense.  You can still find some spots to swim, but you have to be very mindful of those warning flags.

We got the hotel in Huatulco to call a taxi for us, I knew from previous research that it would cost 500 pesos to get to San Agustinillo and that’s exactly what the man charged us.  He was lovely, spoke a little English, taught me how to properly say all the town names we passed through.  It was about an hour drive but it didn’t feel that long at all.

Our first hotel was Casa Bagus right on the beach.   A lovely French Canadian named Manon runs the hotel, she was super helpful, especially letting us know what parts of the beach were the safest for swimming.     IMG_0349.jpg

We dumped our bags behind the checkin desk and headed down to the beach chairs.  We took some time to watch the waves and try to get an idea of what we’d be getting ourselves into.  There were plenty of younger kids in the water so we figured we’d be fine.   And we were, but holy shit are those waves intense!   Our hotel was in what was considered the quieter, calmer part of the bay and we still fought the undertow and waves every time we dared to venture into the water.IMG_0430.jpg

That’s Shawn being eaten by a wave in front of our hotel!  We didn’t last long, it was a very exhausting workout trying to stay above the waves.

I can’t sing the praises of Casa Bagus enough.  We were so lucky to get a room because the hotel was still very new, if you’re going to be in the San Agustinillo area you should look them up and see if they have vacancy.   It is a bit on the spendy side BUT we had a full kitchen (that we did not utilize), a sofa bed, dining room table, separate bedroom, large bathroom and, the best part, a long private balcony that faced the beach.


San Agustinillo is very small, with a few restaurants, mostly in the hotels.   Casa Bagus has its own small restaurant run by Chef Oscar.  He told us that he plans the menu around whatever is caught that day.IMG_0398.jpg

For Christmas dinner Oscar was serving filet mignon and tuna steaks.   Shawn got the filet and I went with the tuna.  IMG_0397.jpg

It was quite possibly the best tuna, or fish, I have ever had.  And a massive portion.  Shawn’s steak was perfect.  We each had two margaritas with dinner and ended up paying $40.   We couldn’t believe it.

We headed back up to our room to drink some beers we’d bought earlier at a tienda.  Sitting on our balcony, drinking beers and listening to the surf was the perfect way to end the best christmas day I’ve ever had.

Christmas in Mexico 2017, or how I’m months behind on this blog

We had a solid plan for our christmas 2017 week off.  We were going to rent a car, drive down the Washington coast and stay in a cabin right on the beach for a few days.  Super romantic and low key.

Aaaaand 13 days before christmas I found a really cheap airfare deal to Huatulco Mexico.   Westjet has seasonal direct flights every Sunday, and its a decent 6 hour flight straight down


Huatulco is a tourist development like Cancun, it was developed in the 80s when the government decided to do more to attract tourists to the area.  Now there are loads of all inclusive resorts and cruise ships dock at Huatulco.

Shawn and I aren’t resort people so we decided we would head out of Huatulco along the coast and spend most our time in a small town called San Agustinillo.

Our flight arrived in the evening so we had to spend a night in Huatulco, we stayed at Hotel Casa Danna, a smaller hotel close to the ocean.   It was super easy to get to from the airport, we decided to splurge and get a taxi directly from the terminal.  If you want to save money you can walk out of the airport grounds completely and hire a taxi on the main highway.   I think it ended up costing us around $430 pesos, which was worth it for us to not have to walk down toward the highway in the heat with our backpacks.

IMG_0348The view from our hotel room, you can just see the ocean peeking through the trees.

Our hotel was a easy 15 minute walk into the La Crucecita area.  We tried El Grillo Marinero for dinner and I had the octopus in butter and garlic, and guys, it was amazing! And it was super reasonably priced.img_0311.jpgIMG_0310

We headed to the main square after dinner for some margaritas and to watch some traditional Oaxacan dancing. IMG_0319IMG_0329

We ended the night on our hotel balcony enjoying some Tecates from OXXO and watching the fireworks over the ocean.