Constant Vigilance in Paris

We started our trip in Paris, which for me was super anxiety inducing. You see, Paris and I don’t have a great past. I’ve been sexually harassed and terrified in Paris and also pickpocketed. That was trip one and two. So why did we fly into Paris? Because Air France had a banging deal and I LOVE that airline. I’ve never had a bad time with them. They make air travel enjoyable. So I figured what the hell, let’s give it a third try.

And you know what? It worked. Was it my rock bottom expectations? Or maybe the fact that I was so ON GUARD THE ENTIRE TIME WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME THAT WAY oh sorry.

Paris was only a layover, and we did it the Anthony Bourdain way, no major sightseeing, no plans, just wandering to cafes and wine bars and seeing the sights whilst fighting the jet lag. Highly recommend.

I can also recommend Ob-la-di in the Marsais. A teeny little cafe producing delightful and highly Instagramable avocado toasts and beautiful pastries. Plus lovely ass coffee.

We had a nice relaxing brunch and then strolled down to the Sein. We did pop over to visit Notre Damn and view the destruction. Then a lovely long walk up to Canal St. Martin to have wine and cheese at La Vache dans les Vignes.

Let them pick your cheese, we advised what we were into and picked our wine – Pinot Noir- and he came back with three amazing cheeses. One blue that was very bluey but also smooth? If that makes any sense? And then two really rad goat cheeses. Of which I have no names. Sorry. Guess you gotta go there.

After crushing that awesome cheese plate and those rad wines we were ready for sleeps. Headed back to the airport and the Holiday Inn Express CDG, which due to shitty old people, I feel I need to endorse. It’s fine. Stay there. It’s like super clean and convenient . Yes you have to walk like half a block from the CDG airport train but it’s not an issue. And if you’re a member of whatever hotel chain group that IHG is in you get free early check in!